Friday, March 8, 2013

Texas Quarantine?

Imagine you are a Texan.  You are watching the rest of the USA in the economic doldrums while your state is thriving.  You watch the diversity and entitlement basket case of California, your only competitor as biggest and most dominating state, going off the rails.

Then you hear that Californians are moving to your state.
More than 363,000 Californians moved to Texas over the past five years, helping the state grow more than twice as fast as the nation as a whole since 2000, census figures show
What voting patterns will these new species have?  Will they be able to blend into the native ecosystem? Remember our definitions:
Introduced species (also called "non-indigenous" or "non-native") adversely affect the habitats and bioregions they invade economically, environmentally, and/or ecologically.
Will they vote for the policies that will adversely affect the economic and ecological habitats of Texas?

The UK has never had rabies because of its quarantine.  Should Texans quarantine new ex-Californians from voting for a suitable period of time, until they have acclimated themselves to the Texas political and social ecosystem?

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